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Energy Expert

Rafaella Dourado

Rafaella Dourado is highly accomplished Energy Engineer with a strong background in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and Power-to-X (PTX) technologies. With more than ten (10) years of experience, she has led and coordinated varied consulting projects, delivering exceptional results in conducting energy audits, implementing energy management systems for diverse sets of clients worldwide. Her expertise extends to the research and development of sustainable solutions, including circular economy, biogas, energy simulations, and PTX solutions. Her main focus is on executing projects related to the circular economy, enhancing energy efficiency, implementing waste management strategies and energy management systems for both industries and buildings and driving industrial decarbonization. Throughout these endeavors, Ms. Rafaella ensures their alignment with the objectives laid out in the sustainable development goals. Moreover, her proficiency in multiple languages allows her to effectively collaborate with international stakeholders and foster knowledge transfer. As a committed advocate of gender equality, she ensures that projects she leads are designed to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all. With a proven track recordof driving innovation and achieving tangible outcomes, she is thrilled to bring her passion for sustainable energy and expertise to esteemed organization.

Mechanical Expert

Laura Amorim

Laura Amorim is a proficient young mechanical engineer with a diverse range of skills. She is actively engaged in research endeavors focused on energy efficiency, energy transition, circular economy practices, heat recovery in industrial processes, green hydrogen and PTX, and bioenergy. Her expertise extends to designing and creating 3D drawings for simple components and structures, as well as implementing energy simulation techniques in buildings using simulation tools like Revit, Homer, and Edge. She has a proven track record of applying PMOCs (Preventive Maintenance and Operation Checks) to refrigeration systems, effectively supervising maintenance teams, and managing the upkeep of cadaveric chambers. Laura excels in drafting comprehensive reports, documents, and data analysis, showcasing her ability to contribute meaningfully to various aspects of technical projects and initiatives. Moreover, her proficiency in formulating and disseminating knowledge management strategies through social media platforms positions her exceptionally as an advocate for promoting clean energy technologies. Furthermore, as a female engineer, she remains committed to ensuring that her efforts in developing, implementing, and executing energyprojects also promote the gender equality.

Environmental Expert

Marzia Batool

Marzia Batool, a driven young professional, specializes in the energy and environmental sector. Her dedication relies in achieving sustainable development goals, which involves focusing in energy sector. She aims to integrate climate mitigation and adaption strategies to foster a climate-resilient energy landscape. Her primary expertise lies in conducting detailed market analysis, identifying loop holes and transforming them in the potential opportunities by developing concept notes and proposal. Her proficiency extends to energy management systems, energy efficiency, circular economy principles, environmental impact assessment, green hydrogen and heat recovery in industrial processes. Notably, she possesses a remarkable ability to analyze the data and translate insights into actionable recommendations. She excels at producing detailed technical reports, persuasive presentations, and data-driven strategies using tools like Excel. Furthermore, her excellence shines through the development of the knowledge management strategies and to promote the greener and cleaners’ energy strategies via the social media platforms. Moreover, Marzia's emotional and personal attachment to combatting gender discrimination positions her as a powerful advocate for women's rights. As a result, she actively promotes the engagement of women in all spheres by incorporating principles of gender equality into her pursuits.

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