What We Can Do For You

We work with a range of national and international networks and partners
sharing mutual thoughts and goals aligned with sustainable development

Management Services

Project Management

Developing detailed project plans, concepts notes, proposals, policies and conducting through in-depth market research to gather insights, we ensure successful project execution and implementation.

Indepth quality-oriented market research and offers coustomized strategies and solutions

Expert development of projects, planning, execution and implementation

Development of comprehensive proposals, concept notes including public policies and SDGs

Engineering Services

Energy Engineering

We excels in energy engineering services, encompassing wide range of expertise
aimed at promoting sustainability and optimizing energy utilization

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Physis specializes in the design and implementation of renewable energy solutions, such as solar, wind, and biomass, to promote clean and sustainable energy sources. Additionally, the company focuses on enhancing energy efficiency in various processes to reduce overall energy consumption

Energy Simulations

Offering specialized expertise in building energy simulations by providing comprehensive insights, optimize efficiency and foster sustainable design solutions for a greener future.

PTX and Green Hydrogen

We explore emerging techonlogies including PTX, which converts excess renewable energy including green hydrogen, synthetic fuels, or heat contributing to green energy transition

Energy Management Systems

Offering energy management services to optimize energy usage in buildings, indistries and other sectors. This includes implementing energy technologies, energy monitoring and demand response strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduced cost

Energy Audits

Comprehensive energy audits for industrial facilities to assess energy usage, identify inefficiencies and recommend energy saving measures, enabling business to operate more sustainably and economically

Environmental Impact Assesment

Thorough assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of various projects, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting sustainable practices.

Knowledge Management

Capacity building &

Physis offers consultancy services to individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking expert advice on energy-related matters. This includes providing guidance on adopting sustainable practices, transitioning to renewable energy, and implementing green technologies. Moreover, the company also conducts capacity building workshops and training programs to educate and empower clients to embrace sustainable practices and technologies effectively

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